TowTrack is a remote control unit with caterpillars controlled by radio-command.

This is very effective for the towing and handling of vehicles that are locked, disabled, electric, and/or in a low-clearance parking deck. The concept is to remove all types of vehicles, gently and without any technical constraints (the system slips underneath the vehicle and lifts it without traction effect).

TowTrack was created in 2012, a patented innovation, this very original automobile tow truck is at ease everywhere and especially where the usual recovery trucks no longer pass and unlike 4x4 baskets, there are no trolleys to add...

TowTrack is able to take a vehicle even if the car is locked, damaged or burned, about anywhere (underground parking, small courtyard, in a filed, in the mud or on the snow, etc...), specially where a truck can not go because of it size.

The TowTrack can go on a truck with its load, with a vehicle of 2.5 tons, even if the truck is not a tow truck and it can go down and park the vehicle to store it.

Technical Characteristics
Dimensions 3520 (L) x 1800 (l) x 1280 (h) m
Weight 1850 kg
Payload 2500 kg
Winch 2200 kg
Maximum speed  (1st speed) 2,2 km/h
Maximum speed  (2nd speed) 4,5 km/h
Maximum climbable gradient 17° (30%)
Brand Briggs & Stratton
Fuel Gasoline
Max power 35 HP - 20 kW
Rotation speed 3600 rpm/max
Starter Electric
Fuel consumption 9 lt/h - 3600 rpm
Transmission Hydrostatic
Oil tank 52 lt
Fuel tank 21 lt
Dimensions 250 x 72 x 57 mm
Tension Grease
Material Rubber
Type Electrohydraulic with radio-command
Available options with TowTrack
  • Winch 4.5 Tonnes
  • Ramp lights
  • Bracket for motorcycle
    - hoist and coupling
  • Return pulleys (straps)
  • Clean caterpillars (without marks)
  • Customizable paint
  • Small container or tank
    - 2500 (L) x 1800 (l) x 1000 (h) mm
  • Snow blade
    - for snowclearing ski station