The Undercarriage You Want, How You Want it!

Tracked Machines North America can design, customize, and produce a tracked undercarriage according to the most different and specific needs, respecting the current European regulations.

In order to be able to satisfy any customer's request, Tracked Machines North America provides its technical office, composed of a team of qualified designers with many years of experience in the earth-moving sector, in order to design tracked bases that can be configured according to the specific working needs of the customer.

There is the possibility to buy from a single spar without a central frame, up to the largest and most complex tracked chariot, also remote-controlled. Tracked traction is the basis for the realization of vehicles that require reliability, stability, and ability to deal with any type of terrain and slope.

The main frame of the tracked wagon, as well as the other components, is made of quality steel with a high resistance index, to give any machine that will be installed later, the necessary robustness to support the toughest working conditions, as well as to guarantee a professional and long-lasting vehicle.

The range of undercarriages can be equipped with:

  • Black or non-marking tracks
  • Fixed or extendable track
  • Gearmotors with negative brake at one or two speeds

It is possible to install:

  • Gasoline Engine
  • Diesel Engine
  • Electric engine

It is possible move the crawler base directly by the operator using:

  • Hydraulic levers
  • Control wire
  • Radio control